Bersorak Sorai – True Worshippers (Instrument Cover – AmpleSound AME2)

This demo was made to show how AME2 sounds. I am not using internal effects (AME2 does include some stomp box emulation, but I don’t like it) and used Guitar Rig instead.

Ableton Project : (Freezed)
MP3 :
Guitar : AmpleSound AME2 + Guitar Rig 5 effect
Bass : Recorded live (except the bridge, used Scarbee MM bass – I’m not capable playing that part.), effects using Guitar Rig 5
Strings : Kontakt Factory Library strings
Drum : Studio Drummer + Abbey Road Modern Drummer (recorded using split keyboard)
Reverb : RC-48
DAW : Ableton Live

Laptop :
Intel Core i7 4720HQ, NVIDIA GeForce GTX950M, 8GB RAM
Windows 10 Pro

Useful Link :
Kontakt Factory Library
NI Abbey Road Modern Drummer
NI Studio Drummer
NI RC-48 Reverb
NI Guitar Rig 5 Pro
Scarbee MM-BassĀ
AmpleSound Ample Metal Eclipse 2
Ableton Live


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