How to read Intel CPU processor number

Intel sometimes do something nonsense. But why use words on processor number?

We’re going to decrypt that shit tonight.

Sederhananya gini.


Word Means
K Unlocked Multiplier (you can overclock this)
H High Performance Graphics
Q Quad Core
U Ultra Low Power
Y Extremely Low Power
E ECC memory support
M Mobile
L Low power, but still LGA
P No integrated graphics
G RX Vega graphics
R High End mobile, but soldered (like H series, but only on Broadwell)
C Unlocked (Broadwell)
X HEDT Platform

example :

My laptop, ASUS G550JX, uses Intel Core i7 4720HQ. Means it is Quad core (Q), also have high performance graphics (H).
My other laptop, HP Elitebook Revolve G1, uses Intel Core i5 3437U, means dual core (because there is no letter Q), and ultra low power (U)
My tablet, Microsoft Surface, that was broken by Andre, uses Intel Core i5 3317U, almost the same as above, but the clock speed is slightly lower than 3437U.

Intel Core i7 8809G uses RX Vega graphics.


How to remember even better

Huruf Arti
K Kool PC dude
H High
Q Quality
U Unusable
Y Y bother
M Mobile
P Poop
G Intel give up, Intel HD is Trash, AMD RX FTW

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