How to pull out broken male RCA connector

Yesterday, my brotherĀ asked me to send a pair of speakers to Jakarta, because he is bored. Makes sense, I also easily get bored. The problem is, one of the speakers got the connector stuck inside.

Imagine the cable above, stuck inside this.

Sucks, right?

How to fix it? Here’s what you need.

  1. Nails for plywood
  2. Pliers
  3. Fire (I used my stove)

Here are the steps

  1. Hold the nail with pliers. If you’re strong enough, you may use your hand. But I highly don’t recommend this.
  2. Burn the nail until it smoldering
  3. After that, plug that into the stuck connector
  4. Wait around 10 seconds
  5. After that, remove the nail. The male conector now should stuck with the nail.

How is this possible?
RCA connector usually filled with plastic. This makes the connector really fragile.
After you plug the burnt nail, this plastic will melt. After 10 seconds, the plastic has dried and is sticky on the nail. When you pull the nail, the connector will be pulled up!
After all, it is easily get broken because of the plastic. If you got a really good connector made from iron, it won’t broke inside.

Still confused? Here’s a random video from YouTube.

Semoga bermanfaat :)


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