Download + Tutorial How to Flash AT Firmware on ESP8266 using Arduino

Today I’m gonna write how to flash ESP8266 using whatever Arduino you have. Picure is using Arduino Uno, but also tested using Arduino Mega.

This post is rushed because I’m in hurry.

Here goes the schematics :

Basically :

  1. You have to connect RESET to GND to keep microcontroller in reset state. Either that, or keep pressing reset button until flashing completed.
  2. Connect TX -> TX pin on ESP8266
  3. Connect RX -> RX pin on ESP8266
  4. The rest, refer to picture.

If your ESP8266 is on Robotdyn Mega + Wifi, you need to put DIP switch 5,6,7 in ON position and the rest at OFF.

Here goes the tutorial.

Download the flasher here : ESP8266 flash tool

Click bin, then you could browse the firmware. There is AT firmware included.

COM1 needs to be changed with your Arduino COM port. You can find this one at Arduino IDE.

Then click download. When log returns “Leaving…”, it’s done, even if it says failed to leave flash mode. Just reset your ESP8266.

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