Do you ever know that this keyboard comes with dozens of effects and millions of possibilities?

may be too hyperbolic, but that’s the point.

Ok, mungkin agak hiperbola, tapi intinya itu.
But maybe you ask, what the heck are we talking about?

DSP is short for Digital Signal Processor. The point is, an effect.

This is the DSP button. I know my keyboard is really dusty.

DSP is often used in guitar and synth voice, but was not possible to be used for other voice.

This is the voice StageLead in Guitar&Bass WITH DSP.

This is the sound without DSP.

DSP was used to give the guitars an effect. The effect that was used can be seen at the Mixing Console.

First, enter the mixing console.

Note : Tombolnya sudah aku kotak merah. Posisinya di keyboard YAMAHA lain mungkin beda, cuma sejauh yang aku lihat selalu dekat layar.

Then, move to the EFFECT tab. Use the tab button at the top right of the screen.

If you click TYPE, you can see what effects are included.

The effects were separated as blocks. Block REVERB and CHORUS is not available for all effect, hence it’s name. REVERB and CHORUS is global effect, that you can put the whole keyboard output to effect.
Imagine real effect knob at the mixer. They are optional, but available on every channel. But who uses distortion for drum?

Note :

  1. Some voices have DSP that can’t be changed, only turned off. One of them is StageLead. 
  2. The voice that doesn’t use DSP will always have the part Off. One of them is Strings. 

DSP1, DSP2, DSP3, and DSP4 is stand alone.
DSP1 for Right1, DSP2 for Right2, DSP3 for Left, and DSP4 for Mic.

Wait, what?

Yes, you can literally use your keyboard as guitar effect! But then, you might need some preparations, and there is no switch off effect. Unless you use registry then.

You need to move the switch in input to LINE.

The red box is the switch. The green box has its volume and line input. NEVER maximize the volume!

Then open DSP4, change the part to MIC.

Look at the category!

For example, lets change it to Real Dist and use ST AMP HV.

You can also turn off the vocal harmony first.

Go to mic settings / vocal harmony

Turn off the effects and the harmony.

Optional : Turn off the noise gate. Don’t if you have shit cable.
Open Mic settings.

There is the switch. You can turn it off.

Note : You don’t need to do this step by step. Whichever first is fine. 

We gonna use Ibanez Gio for example. The problem is, I don’t know the originality . :hammers

This is the one without effect.

This is the one with DSP.

I pley guiter reel gud.

If you enter menu PARAMETER, you can see there is more to edit. Sustain, level, type, drive, basically everything. If you actually play guitar, you know what to do.

Another example.

Original signal

This one is processed.

DSP1 volume 60, Category Delay, Type Tempo Delay 1.
Tempo 124.

Tempo delay is synced to your tempo at keyboard. That’s why Dancy Hook delay is always synced to style.

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