Differences between CentOS, RedHat, and Fedora

Some people are confused, what are the differences and what similarities. They are the same? Brother and sister? or a brother from a different mother

I try to explain lah.

  1. Fedora is the main project, and it’s a communitity-based, free distro focused on quick releases of new features and functionality. Usually released every 6 months, just like Ubuntu.
  2. Redhat is the corporate version based on the progress of Fedora, and it has slower releases, comes with support, and isn’t free. Usually used for corporate.
  3. CentOS is basically the community version of Redhat. So it’s pretty much identical, but it is free and support comes from the community as opposed to Redhat itself

The problem is, the name is different. That makes the confusion. On Ubuntu,  the corporate version is Ubuntu for Enterprise. The long term version like CentOS, named Ubuntu LTS. The fast release one, is Ubuntu. :hammers


Also, you think you can pirate RedHat. Well, technically you can. But you don’t get the support, you don’t have the phone number to call when everything is messed up, etc, etc … and ended up asking community for CentOS instead.

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