Rest In Peace Cakewalk

17 November 2017, Gibson decided to stop Cakewalk development.
Actually this is not very new news, but somehow I do not hear the news. The message can be read here .

Cakewalk itself is already 30 years old.

Long story short, Cakewalk Pro Audio  is my first stepping stone into the world of computer music.
I remember at junior high school, there is an additional computer class, and we were taught to use Cakewalk Pro Audio to open MIDI file, after we previously taught how to use SONY SoundForge (now has been acquired by MAGIX).

If I remember, I used to make a sequencer using pirated Cakewalk Pro Audio … yes I was not focused on buying original software at that time. Also, the focus is just learning as much as possible, not for commercial. Then because I’m stubborn, the teacher give me  Sonic Foundry ACID 4.0 (also have been acquired by MAGIX). But somehow, I’m stuck. Nobody teach me also, and I ended up using Cakewalk more. We have an assignment before, to make a cover song with a MIDI file from Internet, and record the voice using Sound Forge. I don’t remember what song we used, and who is my team. :hammers The result is also messed up.

Then, I tried FL Studio. Also pirating, but now I know how to pirate VST, and the first VST I used is Cakewalk Z3TA+ 2! It is too complicated, I ended up not using it. I ended using MASSIVE more. Finally, I bought MASSIVE with Komplete 10 Ultimate.
At first, I really want to buy Cakewalk SONAR, because it has so many included plugins. If I recall correctly, there is Overloud TH2 inside. But then, it is already dead before I even save enough money :(

Thanks for the walk, Cakewalk. You’ll always be missed. I’m pretty sorry that I haven’t purchased anything :(

I still have a big dream, to have a big scale music software house, but makes open source software. Like  Ardour, but much more serious. Why? I hate seeing pirated products. So why don’t make it free instead? You can’t steal something free!

Yes, someday … if I do not get sick.

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