Vultr cut its prices!

Vultr, one of the most popular cloud server provider.

Vultr is one of the most popular cloud server provider, just recently cut the prices!

Usually, the discount are available only for the new customer, but now, we the old customer can get it too!

This is the new price of vultr. The $5 plan has the disk space almost doubled, with more RAM!

There is also new plan, for only $2,5 per month. Comes with 20GB SSD and 512MB RAM. But unfortunately, they limit it to maximum 2 per customer! :( But they are actually made for sandboxing, trying something out before production.

This blog is actually hosted at Vultr! But with help of free CloudFlare :hammers

Why don’t you check this out now? Click here to register. I and you will get free credit from Vultr, then everybody wins. :D

Just for comparison, here’s the old price.

Also, if you’re an old customer, you can just click “Change Plan” on your server settings to “upgrade” with a same price but better hardware. Upgrading requires a reboot, and sometimes can be dangerous. Make sure to take a snapshot before proceeding!

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