Roland Juno G driver for Windows 10

As you might see in Roland website, we don’t have JUNO G drivers for Windows 10 :hammers So, we’re going to modify the Windows 8 driver and force it run in Windows 10!

The steps were taken from Roland Clan Forums, and have been simplified.

  1. Download the official driver from Roland or from my site here (hosted by
  2. Extract the zip, I recommend using 7-zip. But anything will be fine.
  3. Install it like usual, but when it ask to connect the keyboard, DO NOT CONNECT THE KEYBOARD!
  4. Then click cancel. When it ask to uninstall, DO NOT UNINSTALL!
  5. Enter folder Files/64Bit/Files/
  6. Replace RDIF1063.inf with this file
  7. Enter folder Files/32Bit/Files/ (only if you use Windows 10 32-bit)
  8. Replace RDIF1063.inf with this file
  9. (optional) or if you’re too lazy, click here to download the modified driver.
  10. Click start, then click restart while holding the shift key. We’re going to enter the troubleshoot mode.
  11. Select troubleshoot, advanced options, startup settings, then restart
  12. After the computer has restarted, press F7, disable driver signature enforcement.
  13. Login like usual
  14. Press Windows + X, click device manager.
  15. Under Sound, Video and Game controller, click Juno G.
  16. Right click, then update driver
  17. Click browse my computer for driver software
  18. Browse to the driver folder that we’ve edited
  19. Click include subfolders
  20. The rest is just next next and next. if it says driver not signed, just continue.

Congratulations, you’ve installed JUNO G driver on Windows 10!

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