WeMos D1 R3 Wifi Arduino Uno Compatible – Driver Installation and IDE

WeMos D1 is an IoT board that is compatible with Arduino Uno … they said. I bought this from Tokopedia for Rp 74,000 (approx US $ 6), and looks not too shabby.

Left: Arduino Uno clone, Right: Wemos D1

The size, almost the same. The number of PINs is also the same. The difference is just this one used a micro USB, similar to most android phones out there.

This tutorial will discuss how to set up Wemos D1 in Arduino IDE, because this is not real Uno, it needs additional setup.

First, download the Arduino IDE . You can download on arduino web directly, or from mirror on this web.

After that, install the CH340G driver. The website is in Chinese, so it might be a bit difficult. Again, you can download there, or get it from here.


It will request for admin permission. Just press yes.

On this page, click install.

Driver installation is completed. Your Wemos D1 should already be recognized.

Now open the Arduino IDE, then click  File -> Preferences

Then put this link on Additional Boards Manager URLs


Then click Ok. Then open tools, Board, Boards manager.

Scroll to the bottom. On esp8266, click more info, then Install 2.3.0.

Then, clickTools, Board, choose Wemos D1 R2 & Mini.

Then after that, select the COM port that you want to use. Usually because the computer today does not have a COM port, there is only one there, for Wemos. That’s a different story if you plug a lot of Arduino and Wemos at once.

Now, try to upload code in Examples -> 01. Basics -> Blink. Wemos internal LED should blink.

When uploading, it’s a bit long. Be patient. Learn to be patient. You have been single all of the time, and you can be patient. Why not now? :hammers

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