Cara mengganti Baud Rate pada ESP-01

SoftwareSerial tidak terlalu bagus digunakan untuk serial dengan komunikasi cepat. Buat turunin baud rate, gunakan AT command ini.


Pakai rangkaian buat SoftwareSerial disini. Setelah command diatas, baud rate akan turun jadi 9600. Silahkan sesuaikan coding setelahnya.
Disarankan juga untuk menurunkan Baud Rate pada Serial.begin, jika kamu pakai serial di Arduino nya sendiri.

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Arduino – How to communicate to ESP8266 (ESP-01) using SofwareSerial

This ESP-01, has been upgraded to AT firmware v1.1, using this firmware here.

We need to first connect the ESP-01 to the Arduino using this schematics below.

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Quick Troubleshoot – ESP-01 not responding to AT commands

Maybe after you flash your ESP-01 with newer firmware from here, it doesn’t respond to AT command, or starts echoing what you type.

You need to change “No line ending” to “Both NL and CR”, and the baud rate to 115200.

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How to save sensor output from ESP8266 to MySQL Database (Part 1 – ESP8266 as a Microcontroller)

Today we’re going to learn how to connect ESP8266 to website that store the inputs to MySQL.

To help you, I have created the example website here. This tutorial focuses on storing the sensor output to website, while providing the website that already works. Next part would be building the website itself.

This tutorial uses ESP8266 as a microcontroller, for example NodeMCU and Wemos D1.

Wemos D1

Code example on PasteBin.

  • Example above are modification of examples “Blink” in Arduino IDE. It will report to website when the LED is on and off every 1 second.
  • Make sure you also copy the include part if you’re going to use part of this program somewhere else.
  • Remember to change the SSID and Password to your wifi settings.
  • If you’re already connected, serial monitor will report your IP.
  • Notice the inputweb() function.
    • Usage : inputweb(identifier,sensor1,sensor2,sensor3,sensor4,sensor5,sensor6,char1,char2,char3)
    • identifier can be used to identify our input. This is public web, so think about something unique.
    • On the page ESP8266 Project Test, you can search your identifier using the search box above.
    • can be replaced later. But we’re not going to build the website now. This tutorial focuses on building the microcontroller that sends output successfully to the website.
    • We’re using GET method to input to the website.
    • sensor1 to sensor6 receives input in decimal format. If you’re not going to use it, just replace it with zero, and the char part using empty quotes. Example : : inputweb("",analogRead(A0),0,0,0,0,0,"","","");
    • this function can be used in other program, receiving proper variables. That’s why we’re making it into function.
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How to create Virtual KVM on Kimsufi / OVH / SoYouStart

Image result for kimsufi

Kimsufi is one of the cheapest dedicated server provider, with sometimes plain mad discount. They are sub brand of OVH. SoYouStart is also their sub brand, but not as cheap. :hammers

This post is probably a little too late, because at the time of writing, their Flash Sale just run out of stock. But I managed to buy one for this blog :D

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Cara install APK di Andromax Prime

Masih dengan proyek iseng setelah beli Andromax Prime, hari ini kita akan bahas cara install aplikasi tambahan di Andromax Prime.

Andromax Prime sendiri sebenarnya mempunyai OS Android 4.4 KitKat, release dari MocorDroid. Hanya saja, di strip down parah sampai ga bisa ngapa ngapain tanpa dimodif, bahkan install APK pun ga bisa. Seriously, smartfren? Ga semua user nakal kayak gue, tapi gini justru mancing orang makin nakal. (Telkom Indonesia, kau pun bandel juga, IPTV kalian semuanya Android strip down juga kan? Nanti ada saatnya kita bikin juga tutorial bandel pake IPTV IndiHome)

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Download Driver + Cara Masuk Fastboot pada Andromax Prime

Masih dengan Andromax Prime, hari ini kita akan bahas cara masuk ke Fastboot di Andromax Prime.

Apa itu Fastboot? Menurut JalanTikus, secara garis besar, Fastboot ini adalah tools pada Android yang dapat kamu gunakan untuk memodifikasi sistem file pada Android.

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Tutorial Root Andromax Prime (Version 5.4)

Ceritanya, hari ini baru beli Andromax Prime buat main main :hammers

Singkat cerita, hari ini kita akan bahas cara root Andromax Prime ini. Pastikan ROM sudah diupgrade ke 5.4, dan sudah di factory reset.

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Sending MIDI with Arduino / Wemos D1 ESP8266

This post are part of my final project, “Design and Implementation of Arduino based rtpMIDI and 5 pin MIDI”.

After discussing with my tutor, and thinking about it lately, I decided to not use Arduino Mega. Fortunately, on the title of my final project (Indonesia : Perancangan dan Implementasi rtpMIDI dan MIDI 5 pin berbasis Arduino), there are no “Arduino Mega” mentioned. I still use Arduino IDE, also still using ESP8266, so yeah … Here it goes.

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Perjalanan Audio Interface Rusak

Singkat cerita, aku punya 2 audio interface, yang akhirnya keduanya sakit.

Image result for presonus audiobox

Presonus AudioBox (yang lama, bukan 96)
Image result for lexicon alpha
Lexicon Alpha. This guy is recording like an idiot on channel 1. Don’t be like that.
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