GPdI Ecclesia Youth EFFECT – Ku Terpaku

Original song by Sidney Mohede.

Music arrangement by EFFECT.
Vocal 1 : Elkemay Yemima
Vocal 2 : Insan Budiman
Keyboard : Samuel Ardiman
Keytar : Rinaldo Jonathan
Bass : Imanuel Lase
Guitar : Ansell Kennardo
Sax : Jonathan Damanik

Mixing and mastering by Rinaldo Jonathan.

Used program :
– Ableton Live 9
– Native Instruments Kontakt 5
* Session Strings Pro (Strings Section)
* The Grandeur (Piano)
* Abbey Road Modern Drummer (Additional drum kick)
– Native Instruments Guitar Rig 5 (Bass and Guitar effects)
– AAS Lounge Lizard Session (E Piano)
– Vocal pitch correction processed by GVST by GSnap
– Master track were processed by Native Instruments RC-24 reverb. Vocal separately processed by Native Instruments RC-24, and Sax processed by Native Instruments RC-48.
– Each track were given its own Native Instruments Passive EQ (except for Drum, which uses Solid EQ instead)

BPM : 105.

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