GPdI Ecclesia Youth – Ku Terpaku

Guitar track were removed because of copyright issues.
Track were remastered, added Limiter on master, and removed RC-24 from all vocal track because of crazy real room reverb when recording the vocal, thus removing the need of software reverb.
Songs are also no longer for sale in iTunes. Sorry.

Original song by Sidney Mohede.

Music arrangement by EFFECT.
Vocal 1 : Elkemay Yemima
Vocal 2 : Insan Budiman
Keyboard : Samuel Ardiman
Keytar : Rinaldo Jonathan
Bass : Imanuel Lase
Guitar : REMOVED
Sax : Jonathan Damanik

Mixing and mastering by Rinaldo Jonathan.

Used program :
– Ableton Live 9
– Native Instruments Kontakt 5
* Session Strings Pro (Strings Section)
* The Grandeur (Piano)
* Abbey Road Modern Drummer (Additional drum kick)
– Native Instruments Guitar Rig 5 (Bass and Guitar effects)
– AAS Lounge Lizard Session (E Piano)
– Vocal pitch correction processed by GVST by GSnap
– Master track were processed by Native Instruments RC-24 reverb, Sax processed by Native Instruments RC-48.
– Each track were given its own Native Instruments Passive EQ (except for Drum, which uses Solid EQ instead)

BPM : 105.

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