Liked on YouTube: Canon Rock New version with a twist.. Multi-style Medley

Canon Rock New version with a twist.. Multi-style Medley

Website: You can download a new version of this track or buy my complete solo album “Axe-Files” here: or here: – plus on several other digital music download sites. This is my special multi-style medley version of “Canon Rock”. It’s in five different parts: Classical, rock, jazz, country and fast rock.. All guitar and bass parts were played, recorded and mixed in Cubase SX (the drum parts were made with EZ drummer), and the video is filmed afterwards with me playing to the recorded track so I might have hit the odd wrong notes if you watch closely.. Also, picture and sound may not be perfectly synchronized, hope it’s not too annoying. The piece itself is originally based on Johann Pachelbels “Canon in D” from around 1700, but especially the rock parts of my version are similar to Jerry C’s famous “Canon Rock” version. Watching some of the hundreds of different versions of “Canon Rock” on YouTube (some good and some not so good..) inspired me to do my own version, but with a little twist to it. I didn’t want to be just another Jerry C “copycat”. Instruments used: Yamaha APX-5NA nylon-string, Burns Brian May signature, Eastwood Savannah semi-hollow, Eastone Banjo, Fender “Nashville B-bender” Telecaster, Fender Jaguar Baritone Custom and Ibanez “Jazzbass” (for the bass parts). Pedals and stuff; V-stack BHM guitar preamp pedal, Boss PS-5 Harmonizer (for the harmonized melody parts), Boss DD-6 Delay (most notably on 2:58-3:07, where I use it for the “Albert Lee” echo effect), Boss RV-5 Reverb, Behringer CS100 compressor plus some effects, EQ etc. added in Cubase SX. Tabs/backing track:

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