Liked on YouTube: Elation (Taylorythm Live Band)

Elation (Taylorythm Live Band)

BUY WÖLSAM EP ON ITUNES : BUY WÖLSAM EP ON BANDCAMP : Well it’s been a long time ! This is Elation the ending track of our debut EP WÖLSAM. This video is the first made with our new live band including Axel Bizet playing the drums and Hervé Paradis on the bass. It was shot and cut with the help of Arthur Walter ( Many thanks to the SP MUSIQUE store in La Rochelle who helped us with some mics. ( There’s a bunch of cool hints inside the video to explain what’s being done in real time, make sur you enable the annotations ! Taylorythm is a french electronic music duo consisting of Louis Buignet and Adrien “Neirbo” Tisseraud. Facebook : Soundcloud :

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